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 SU, Wanhua
 Titles & Positions:
 State Key Laboratory of Engines, Tianjin University
 Presentation Title:
 What's the fuel spray like for clean and high efficiency combustion?
Professor Wanhua Su, the academician of Chinese Academy Of Engineering. He graduated from Tianjin University in 1965 and completed his post graduate program diploma from Tianjin University in 1968. Then He worked for Company Tianjin Diesel Works for 10 years as an engine development engineer. He as a lecturer transferred to Tianjin University working at the division of engine combustion in 1978. Now he has been working at the State Key Laboratory of Engines of Tianjin University since 1986. He initiated the research field of engine combustion and control in China. He developed the fully electro-controlled diesel pilot ignited turbocharged heavy duty CNG engine and initiated to development of the common rail diesel fuel system in 90’s last century.  He was assigned as the principal scientist of the national key research plan‘973’project “new generation of engine combustion in fundamental and technology” by the ministry of science and technology of China 2001-2011. He proposed new concept and technology, including the coordination control of engine combustion boundary with fuel property, pursuing the time scale equivalent of mixing and chemical kinetics, and the mixture activity control. He initiated and observed the research on Diesel engine High Density-LTC combustion technology for Diesel engine high efficiency and low emissions in full engine operations through development of the variable thermal cycle mechanism.
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