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 McDonell, Vincent
 Titles & Positions:
 Director, UCI Combustion Laboratory
 Prof. Mech & Aerospace Engineering
 Past Chair, ILASS-Americas
 President, ILASS-International
 University of California, Irvine
 United States of America
 Presentation Title:
 Perspectives Based on “Grand Challenge” Studies of Liquid Jet in Crossflow
Professor McDonell has been conducting research in atomization and spray systems for over 30 years and is widely recognized for expertise in this field.  He obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UC Irvine in 1990.  He is currently the Director of the UCI Combustion Laboratory and an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  Early work focused on developing experiments specifically designed to generate benchmark data for CFD validation studies.  Data sets generated in the early 1990s are still used frequently for validation and are recognized as “standard” data bases for evaporating and reacting sprays  and represent some of the earliest application of phase Doppler interferometry, laser velocimetry, and a novel fuel vapor concentration measurement method.  He also made some of the first measurements of size and velocity of molten metal droplets in actual deposition environment working in conjunction with Enrique Lavernia.  He has contributed over 100 papers and studies associated with practical aspects of sprays and holds a patent associated with optical patternation of sprays. He is responsible for the spray research activities in the UCI Combustion Laboratory which maintains a wide array of diagnostic methods and practical scale facilities for studying sprays.  He has conducted spray experiments over a wide range of conditions including those found in gas turbine combustors.  He has worked extensively with the gas turbine industry in characterizing sprays for practical applications including Honeywell, Roll Royce, GE, Siemens, Solar Turbines, Mitsubishi, and Capstone.   He is active in the Institute for Liquid Atomization and spray Systems-Americas (www.ilass.org) and is currently the Past Chair (2020-2023) of the organization.  He is also the current President of ILASS International (2018-2021).  He has hosted annual ILASS Americas conferences and was a key member of the leadership hosting the last International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray System triennial meeting  held in Chicago IL in July 2018.  He is on the Editorial Board for the journal Atomization and Sprays. He has co-authored nearly 300 papers and publications on combustion and sprays and recently published the 2nd edition of Atomization and Sprays (original author Arthur Lefebvre) . He is a lead instructor in an annual week long Gas Turbine Combustion short course which has been offered for over 10 years, and has established and leads a companion three day course focused on general aspects of atomization and sprays including theory, design, and characterization.
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