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Tourists Information
A Brief Introduction of Zhenjiang

Zhenjiang is a well-known beautiful tourist city at the lower reaches on the south bank of Yangtze River. The Yangtze River and Grand Canal set cross at the side of the city. Zhenjiang is famous for its profound history, charming landscape and delicious food. This city owns a 3500-year history, which is one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in China. Three of the four most famous folktales of ancient China have relationships with Zhenjiang. This city is a combination of "urban Mountain forests" and "grand river scenery". The surrounding mountains are dotted with marvelous temples and pagodas, mighty rivers and bridges, and natural beauty. "City in the mountains, mountains in the city" is a significant feature of this landscape garden city. In addition, Zhenjiang is also famous for its delicious food, such as Pot-Cover Noodles, Salted Pork and fragrant vinegar. It is a great place for you to "test Jiangsu".

Why Zhenjiang?
Convenient Transportation
Yangtze River intersects the Grand Canal;
China's most developed and promising
Yangtze River Delta region.
Places of Interests
A combination of "urban forests" and "grand river scenery". (mountains dotted with marvelous temples and pagodas, mighty rivers and bridges,and natural beauty.)
Love Stories
Over 3,000 years of myths, legends and profound history.
Delicious Food
A great place for you to "taste Jiangsu."
01Convenient Transportation
· Jiangsu Province, Yangtze River Delta region.
· Where the Yangtze River intersects the Grand Canal
· Convenient Transportation
High Speed Train:
Zhenjiang-Shanghai 70mins / Every 10 mins
Zhenjiang-Nanjing 18mins / Every 5-10mins
Zhenjiang-Beijing 4hours 30mins
Airports near Zhenjiang:
Nanjing Lukou International Airpots 80mins
Changzhou Benniu International Airport 50mins
Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport 75mins
Shanghai Pudong International Airport 3 hours
02Places of Interests
· A combination of "urban Mountain forests" and "grand river scenery".
· The surrounding mountains dotted with marvelous temples and pagodas, mighty rivers and bridges, and natural beauty.
More than 20 mountains around urban areas:
· Beautifulness of Jinshan Mountain
· Magnificence of Jiaoshan Mountain
· Steepness of Beigushan Mountain
· Southern Mountain-national forest garden
· Baohuashan Mountain-the first mountain for Lv Branch of Buddhism
· Maoshan Mountain-the first auspicious place for Taoism
· Xijin Ferry Street-Ancient streets of Song and Yuan Dynasty
03Love Stories
· Three of the four most famous folkales of ancient China have relationships with Zhenjiang
· "Wu" culture combines with the "Chu" culture-Three kingdoms
The legend of Lady White Snake
Lady White submerged Jinshan Temple to
save her husband
The Romance of Three Kingdoms
Marriage between Liubei and Xiaoqiao in temple GanLu
Fairy Couple
Dongyong and the seventh fariy
Butterfly Lovers (Liang Shanbo & Zhu Yingtai)
Tragic Loving story-Chinese Romeo and Juliet
04Delicious Food
· A great place for you to "taste Jiangsu".
Three odds & three fishes
Zhenjiang Cuisine
Climate of Zhenjiang
Climate data for Zhenjiang proper (1981−2010)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Daily mean °C (°F) 2.7
Average precipitation
mm (inches)
Mean monthly
sunshine hours
140.2 130.8 150.3 174.1 202.5 163.2 199.3 204.8 175.5 172.1 157.4 153.0 2,023.2
Local attraction
Jinshan Temple Website:(http://www.jspark.cn/en/index.asp
10 minutes by taxi away from Conference Venue
Jinshan Temple is the main scenic attraction on Jin Mountain. The grand buildings of the temple complex are built against the mountainside in such a way that when you look toward the mountain in the distance, all you see is the temple complex, an effect popularly described as “Jinshan Temple wrapping up Jin Mountain.” Many folk stories particularly attract people to Jinshan Temple. This was the temple that was magically flooded by Madame White Snake Bai Suzhen in the Legend of the White Snake. It is also where the famous female general Liang Hongyu beat the war drums and led her army in a battle that would change the course of a war. Climb Cishou Tower and the mountain peak pavilion for a panoramic view of the temple complex and the nearby city of Zhenjiang.
Jinshan Temple
Xijin Ferry Site Website:(http://www.xijindu.com.cn/a/yywz/
5 minutes by taxi away from Conference Venue
Xijin Ferry Site is a place with a lot of character; it is full of old buildings with a richly historic feel. As you stroll through this ancient mountainside street, you will experience the face of the old city of Zhenjiang and sample its delicious “pot cover noodles.” The night-time scenery is beautiful. There are few people and it is very quiet. Staying at a youth hostel here is a unique experience.
Crossing the Qing dynasty built pavilion, the most perfect body parts of XiJin cross the street. Pavilion just like its name implies the place where people waiting for ships.
Zhaoguan Torreon is a black iron censer. In nearly one thousand years, XiJin ferry cross has become an important port crossed the Yangtze river. The famous street lama tower is said that it is the only area south of the Yangtze river retained a Yuan dynasty stone street. 
It is a natural history museum and zhenjiang tourism, with total length of about 1000 meters. It experiences Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing five dynasties construction.

Xijin Ferry Site
Jiaoshan Park
12 minutes by taxi away from Conference Venue
Jiaoshan is a small hill located on the banks of the Yangtze River. It is home to a large collection of ancient trees, stone inscriptions, and temples. Dinghui Temple is located on the top of the hill. The Qing dynasty Qianlong Emperor stayed here during a visit to the south of China. The top of the temple affords spectacular views over the Yangtze River. Next to the temple there is a collection of more than 400 ancient stone Chinese stele tablets, second only to Beilin Museum in Xi'an.
Jiaoshan Park
Beigushan Park
3 minutes by taxi away from Conference Venue
Beigushan Park is home to a temple that features in the famous Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was here that the warlord Liu Bei met the Chinese noble Lady Sun. For generations, the park has attracted visitors who wish to follow in the footsteps of these famous characters. Behind the temple are a number of buildings that offer a spectacular view over the Yangzte River and the surrounding hills. It is one of the national key scenic spots with reputation of“the first landscape of China”.
Beigushan Park
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